Saturday, October 23, 2010

Words ( another poem penned by me )

People say words are merely words per say,
But are WORDS merely words?

Some words are as flowery as spring,
While others are as hot as the sun,
Some are as sharp as a sword,
Not forgetting those that are like the gun.

Some words are as warm as a summer’s day,
While some are as cold as a winter’s night,
Some words are just so mum ,
Some are like a drum.

As words come in many forms and shapes,
How can we say-
Words are just words per say?

By Viloshena Ravandran..

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Simply being me,,,

Nasi lemak for breakfast,
Yee Mee for lunch,
Thosai for dinner,
What’s for supper?
I wonder….

Am I Malay?
No, I am not.
Am I Chinese?
No, I am not.
Am I Indian?
No, I am not.
Then who am I ?
You may wonder…

I am simply-
Proud to be a

Written by ,
Viloshena Ravandran

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One Malaysia ( in the spirit of a true Malaysian)

When we eat chicken
They eat porridge
When we go by car
They walk
When we use Nike
They use no shoes
When we read Enid Blyton
They read no books
When we learn ABC
They learn about the wild
When we go to Jusco
They hardly see a grocery shop
When we read the newspapers
They hardly see any papers
When we talk about other countries
They hardly know about their own state
When we go for a holiday
They hardly know what’s a holiday
When we go overseas
They hardly even go the nearest town
When we go on a plane
They hardly go on a car
We live in luxury
They live in ignorance
We live in corruption
They live in innocence
How do we expect them to answer our exam papers
When they hardly do half the things that we do.

Do we worry about this segregation?
Between the rich and the poor
The rural and the urban
The have and the have not’s
All we worry about is one thing
Our skin colour
What a shame!

By Viloshena Ravandran

Saturday, May 15, 2010


At the dawn of each great world leader
There is a teacher
At the dawn of each terrorist
There is also a teacher
We should cherish our success
And learn from our failure.
Remember we are producing the tomorrow
The tomorrow is in our hands…
We may wither and die..
But what we teach will leave on.
Happy teachers day …

written by
Viloshena Ravandran

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A tribute to all Mother's

A person makes the world seem like heaven
A person who lets us dream of the impossible although we cant achieve it
A person who tells us that we look like Ms. World although we know for a fact we don’t
A person who solves our problems
A person who helps us although its beyond her
A person whose smile will bring our world down
A person who shatters our world once she ‘s gone
She is none other than our…
Without her our world will be like
Tea without the tea bag
Coffee without the coffee bean
Chocolates without cocoa
Sweets without sugar
A meal without food
In short
It will be like
Earth without water…

By Viloshena Ravandran

Friday, December 11, 2009

the missing piece in me????

You know the feeling that you get when you don’t really know what you actually want in life? And when that frustrates start showing your temper to all the people around you..and at that particular time all that you want to do is just get away and go somewhere far,far,far, away and be alone..because by being alone you will feel peaceful and then when you come back you can start from the beginning all over again..start fresh.. well that is exactly what I am going through and feeling now…I am lost I don’t know what I really want..and when this happens I start shouting and yelling at people around me for no apparent reason and I hate myself for it..i am just so depressed…. And the best part is I don’t know why....

Have you ever felt that you never have anything in life to look forward to..nothing at all..have you ever felt that the sole and single thing that you wanted in live was company..a company from a person who understood you more than anyone else..a company of a person who will always be there for you through thick and thin; through laughter and sorrow, a company of a person who is a listener and guide both at the same time, a company of a person who accepts you for who you are and not who you are supposed to be, a company of a person who loves you no matter how you look, a company of your mum..a person I miss so dearly..who look for up and down,… and yet I just can’t find her..she is gone and will I ever be able to find a replacement..i wonder…. As I did and I feel that I am losing them…

I miss my friends all of them the people who gave me shelter and comfort whenever I was down..the people who always made me laugh and forget the loss of my mum..i never felt the emptiness in me when I was in college as seeing all my friends ever day and making them laugh over some silly thing I did made me happy in some way…even during holidays I never felt the loss as I knew when the holidays was over I will see my friends all over again..people who were almost like me the carzy lot or what the Malaysians call “ sama kepala”. I felt so complete when I was with all my friends. Never felt the emptiness that was within. Never felt like I was trying to be some else that I was not. I flet like myself. But now I don’t know who I am. I am so lost. Many a times I sit down and wonder who I really am. Who is the real me. Is the real me the old me who was prepared to confront the world and conquer the world no matter how tough it was or is the real me the new me who will admit defeat even before confrontation who has been forced to think that women are still not prepared to lead.and they should always be followers..who thinks that they can solely live by just being in the shell that they are in. I don’t know who is the real me… and what is that I really want.

But one thing for sure I like the old me..the me that was jovial..the me that taught I can conquer the world even though it was damn difficult ..the me that made my friends laugh…. The me..the real me… I want to be that again..i want back the spirit that I wants had in me and is dying..i want it back the fighting sprit…I want it back. I guess we all do .i wonder if my dear old friends who I miss so dearly help me get it back.. will you all help me get my spirit back..will you all help me get the old me back..and breath a new life into me that wants belonged to me and I am losing..will you all..Teslians…

Anyway I just wonder am I the only one who feels this way or what????? How about you all fellow educators??

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

something i never imagined

I never taught this will happen…never dreamt of it too… but I like the fact that it did…it gives me a reason to live…

I really never taught that the ALMIGHTY will give me another chance to sit beside all my fellow coursemates again in less then a year for this course. When I met all of them for the first time it was a bit awkward but now I feel like its all back to normal. and like wat the Ustad told today in the very beginning of his lecture no working colleagues can be like ur college frens is a very true fact don’t you think…

I or shall I say we have been for almost ten months now but tell me from the bottom of your hearts and no lies please..can anyone of your working colleagues replace anyone of your collegemates…I don’t know about you all..but for me..I have no doubt in adminting that my working colleagues are great all the teachers are ..but NO ONE can be like you all…everyone of you have touched my life in different ways..taught me different things and the best part is I can connect with everyone of you and we all almost agree on a number of things and have the same point of view on a number of things too…but why cant this be the same in school….its difficult rite when tak ada org yg sekepala kan…

Its so nice to see all of us online now and all busy bt d olden days rite..miss all of it..

Thanks to the maktab a million times for giving us this opportunity not only to meet each other but also revisit our teacher trainee days… and be lectured instead of giving the lecture…

I am going to miss you all..hopefully there will be many more occasions to come in which we can meet like this and rejuvenate our friendships…. We must make it happen don’t u all think so..remember always where there is a will there is a way….

Miss and luv all u ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s : I an not writing this because of anything but this is wat I feel la..anyone who is with me on this….